For documents to be used in Hungary, it is often required that the signature on the document is authenticated/legalised by a Hungarian consular officer. There are different alternatives to have a signature legalized on a contract or other official documents, therefore, it is advisable to contact the relevant office in Hungary concerning the preferred and accepted method prior to submitting a request.

When a signature is legalised, this means that the document is signed by the client in front of the consular officer, and/or the signature on the document shall be acknowledged by the client as their own in front of the consular officer.

During the authentication of the signature, the consular officer only certifies the authenticity of the signature but does not examine the content of the document. The Consulate bears no responsibility for the content of the document. The document will have to be drawn up by yourself in advance. We are unable to assist you in drawing up or typing out the document.


How to apply

The application must be submitted in person. Appointments shall be booked through the online booking system. For appointment, please select “Authentication of signature”.


Required documents

You will need the document on which your signature will be authenticated and a valid photo ID (e.g. passport, ID card). Please note that we can only authenticate names and personal details that are shown by valid official documents.

Please do not sign the document in advance, as it has to be signed in front of our consul.

If the signature is made on behalf of a legal entity or other organisation without legal personality, the client must prove his / her right to represent the company with a certificate of incorporation of the company. The certificate of incorporation shall have been issued within the previous 30 days.


Consular fee

Please check this web page for the latest fees.

Please note that we are a cashless office, card payment only!



The procedure can be initiated by any person who regularly receives a pension from Hungary and must prove that he/she is still alive on the form of the Pension Payment Directorate.

The application has to be submitted in person after prior appointment (see above). Please bring your valid photo ID and the application form sent to you by the Pension Payment Directorate. In this case, the authentication is free of charge.