What is proof of Hungarian citizenship?

The following are the proofs of Hungarian citizenship:

  • A valid Hungarian ID card.
  • A valid Hungarian passport. If your passport has expired, you may still use it as proof of Hungarian citizenship for one year following the date of its expiry.
  • A valid Hungarian citizenship certificate.
  • A certificate of naturalization, until proven otherwise.
  • The registry of personal data and addresses. Your data is included in the registry if you have a so-called address card or if you previously had a Hungarian personal number.

 Please note that Hungarian birth and marriage certificates are not proof of Hungarian citizenship.

Types of citizenship procedures

  • Verification of citizenship. Hungarian citizenship law is based on the principles of jus sanguinis (right of blood). Descendants of Hungarian citizens are eligible to request Hungarian citizenship verification, regardless of the country of birth. However, there are some notable exceptions from this general rule. At the request of the person concerned, the Minister shall certify the existence or termination of Hungarian citizenship, or the fact that the person indicated in the certificate is not a Hungarian citizen.

If you have proof of your Hungarian citizenship, you do not have to apply for the verification of the citizenship of your child under the age of 6; simply initiate the registration of his or her birth.

  • Naturalization is available for those who has been residing in Hungary for some time.
  • Simplified naturalization. A non-Hungarian citizen may be naturalized on preferential terms if
  • his/her ancestor was a Hungarian citizen or is likely to be of Hungarian origin;  OR
  • has been married to a Hungarian citizen for at least ten years, or has been married to a Hungarian citizen for five years and they have children; AND
  • certifies his/her knowledge of Hungarian language (this is checked by the authority receiving the application);
  • under Hungarian law, she/he has no criminal record and no criminal proceedings pending against the applicant;
  • his/her naturalization does not violate the public security and national security of Hungary.

If you are interested in simplified naturalization, we assume that you speak Hungarian. For more information, visit our website in Hungarian

  • Hungarian citizenship might be reacquired by means of a declaration if:
  • one was deprived of his or her Hungarian citizenship by virtue of Act X of 1947 and Act XXVI of 1948, of Act LX of 1948 on Hungarian Citizenship or of Act V of 1957 on Citizenship;
  • his or her Hungarian citizenship ceased by expatriation between 15 September 1947 and 2 May 1990;
  • one was obliged to resettle in Germany.
  • Renunciation of citizenship. Hungarian citizenship may be terminated by the applicant's own consideration, by renunciation thereof. The renunciation is a declaration submitted on the designated form, addressed to the president of Hungary.


Since citizenship applications are always individual and specific, please contact the Consulate prior to an appointment via email.

As the subject of the email, please indicate exactly which application you intend to submit (verification of citizenship, application for citizenship certificate, reacquisition of citizenship by declaration, renunciation of citizenship).

As our response, we will send you all the necessary information as well as the forms to be filled out so that you can come prepared for your appointment. Otherwise we reserve the right to refuse and call back those who come with an incomplete application at a later date.

Thank you for your cooperation.