Should you wish to get married in Hungary, please contact the local registry office (“anyakönyvi hivatal”) where you plan to get married, the registrars will inform you about the necessary documents.

In general, a marriage – if legal conditions are met – can be contracted between a Hungarian citizen and any foreign citizen or a stateless person. A Hungarian residence or place of abode is not a precondition.

It is important to mention that a person with dual citizenship must be considered as a Hungarian citizen during the marriage proceedings if he/she has got Hungarian citizenship among his/her citizenships.

Declaration of marriage intention. Why is it needed?

The Hungarian law requires the couple to notify in advance their intention to get married. The marriage may be set at the earliest 31 days from the date of notification, and exemption from the mandatory 30-day waiting period may be granted by the competent notary at the request of the spouses in particularly justified cases.

If a spouse does not have an address in Hungary (or if none of the spouses have an address in Hungary), he/she may declare his/her intention to marry before the consular officer, but it is not possible for both spouses to do so. One of the spouses has to appear in person at the Hungarian registry office. 

How to apply

The application must be submitted in person. Appointments shall be booked through the online booking system. For appointment, please select “Declaration of marriage”.

What documents do I need to take with me?

  • 3 copies of the completed forms - please do not sign in advance;
  • a valid picture ID proving citizenship and identity (valid passport or ID card);
  • Hungarian address card of the Hungarian citizen spouse;
  • original birth certificate

(in case of document not issued in the UK, an Apostille/diplomatic authentication and/or official Hungarian translation might be necessary)

  • certificate of marital status

In the case of a Hungarian national: proof of the marital status that can be issued by the consulate.

In the case of a UK national: Certificate of No Impediment documents requested from the UK are accepted as proof of marital status.

In all other cases, please get in touch with us via

  • If the bride's or the groom's family status is divorced or widow, you have to submit the Hungarian-issued or foreign marriage certificate, and/or the death certificate of the deceased spouse or a court decree (with Hungarian translation).

More information on how to obtain a Hungarian birth/marriage certificate can be found here.

If the marriage was dissolved within the EU (including the UK) between 1 May 2004 and 31 December 2020, please also submit the certificate issued by the court in accordance with Brussels II regulation (Certificate referred to in Article 39 of Council Regulation (EC) No. 2201/2003 of 27 November 2003 concerning judgments in matrimonial matters).

How much does it cost?

Please check this web page for the latest fees.

Please note that we are a cashless office, card payment only!

How long it takes

The form will be forwarded by the Embassy to the office of the registrar in Hungary where the marriage will take place. This could take at least for 4-6 weeks. The notification shall be recorded on the date on which the declaration sent by the consul arrives to the competent office in Hungary. The 30-days waiting period starts from that date.

Documents to be downloaded

(please fill in the form with a blue ink pen, in block capitals)

Declaration of intention to marry