What is the “Client Gate” in Hungary and why do I need it?

The Client Gate (or “Ügyfélkapu” in Hungarian) is an access point to e-Government services in Hungary. The system provides a platform for its users to connect with Hungarian authorities offering electronic administration services. It lets you take care of paperwork online or book appointments at government service offices in Hungary.

Who can register for „Client Gate”?

Any natural person who is registered in:

  • the Hungarian personal data and address registry, or
  • the central immigration registry of the Hungarian Immigration Authority, or
  • the personal registry of foreign citizens applying for electronic administration.

Where can you register for „Client Gate”?

In person at:

  • local government service offices;
  • key helpdesk offices of the National Tax and Customs Administration;
  • foreign diplomatic and consular representations of Hungary;
  • helpdesks of particular post offices


  • as a holder of a valid Hungarian ID card issued after 1 January 2016, on this site

Registering for “Client Gate” at the Consulate General in Manchester

The application has to be submitted in person. Scheduling an appointment via our online booking system is required. Please select “Registration for online government services (Online Personal Portal)".

The registration is free of charge and takes around 10 minutes.

What documents do I need to take with me?

Hungarian Citizens:   valid Hungarian ID (ID card, driving license, passport)

EEA Citizens:   valid EEA ID or passport

non-EEA Citizens:   valid passport

+ it is necessary to provide an e-mail address for the registration

Note: Upon new registration, clients receive their initial password via e-mail. Accounts must be activated by changing the initial password within 5 days after the date of registration.