The Consulate authenticates translations of English to Hungarian and Hungarian to English if the translation (prepared by a translator or by the applicant) shall be used in Hungary, and as part of a consular procedure.

Attention! We do not translate documents as a general rule. Should you need an official translation to be used in the UK please contact an official translator in the UK. List of translators can be found on our website here. In order to authenticate English language translations, they must be complete and accurate. We may refuse to legalise translations which require specialized language skills.

If you want to use a translation in Hungary, you can also contact the Hungarian Office for Translation and Attestation Ltd (OFFI) in order to certify or perform the translation. In this case, the translation does not need to be further legalized.

How to apply

You can submit your application for authentication either in person (by appointment) or by post. For an in-person application, appointment shall be booked through the online booking system. For appointment, please select “Certified translation”.

If you wish to submit your application by post, please contact us at

Required documents

You should submit the original document together with the translation.

Please note that during the authentication procedure the original document will be attached to the translation. In case you do not want the original (certificate, diploma, etc.) to be attached to the translation, you are also required to send a copy of the document. Should you wish to have the copy authenticated as well, please let us know.

You should present a valid proof of ID (passport, ID card, driving license). If the application is sent by post, a copy of proof of ID should be enclosed.

Should you wish to submit your application by post, please send a cover letter requesting the legalization, and including your contact details.

Consular fee

Please check this web page for the latest fees.

Please note that we are a cashless office, card payment only!