13 Oct

As of September 1, 2020, 0hrs, the Hungarian Government imposed new restrictive entry measures to Hungary. These measures are reinstating border control on the Schengen border. The former color code system has been abolished.

Hungarian nationals can enter Hungary after a health screening on the border. Upon entry, they have to go to 10 days house quarantine. The quarantine order can be shortened by two negative PCR tests, within 5 days, with 48 hrs difference between two tests. Tests cannot be done abroad and beforehand.

Same regulation applies to the following persons:

  • family members of Hungarian nationals, regardless of nationality
  • any person with Hungarian residency permit and their family members that proven by legal documents.
  • any person holding a long term (over 90 days) Hungarian visa
  • professional athletes or anyone working for a Hungarian sports organization coming back to Hungary from an international sports event proved by official documents

Non-Hungarian nationals – in general – cannot enter Hungary, with few exceptions:

  • persons who have to present themselves in front of a court for legal purposes, proven by official documents from a Hungarian court;
  • business travel or work related entry, with an invitation letter signed by either a central governmental administrative body, an autonomous regulatory body or an autonomous state administration body;
  • persons with healthcare appointment, with an official letter from the destination healthcare institution;
  • foreign students studying in Hungarian universities;
  • travel related to freight traffic – foreign nationals can be transported to the place of origin of a transport job and can be taken back home, proven by the employer;
  • attending family events (marriage, christening, funeral);
  • taking care of a relative;
  • attending important, international sports, cultural and religious events; or
  • any reasonable reasons beyond the aforementioned points.

Request of entry has to be submitted electronically on the known platform, on the website of the Hungarian Police (www.police.hu). Beyond stating the reason for entry, all requests has to be accompanied with official documents. Groups travelling together may submit one case together. The aforementioned quarantine rules and requirements apply here as well. 


For the English translation of the Government Decree 408/2020 (30 August) on travel restrictions during the period of state of epidemiological preparedness, please click here.